"I want to solve a problem at my school. Where can I get support?"


  • Become a

    Teacher Innovation Leader.

    Passionate teachers like you have special insight into how we might solve stubborn problems in education. So what if you had support to help bring these ideas to life? And what if you could learn leadership and innovation skills along the way?
    Sound interesting? Maybe the ImpactLab Teacher Fellowship is right for you.

  • ImpactLab supports K12 teachers who are passionate about solving a problem in their school community, have invested time thinking on how to get it done and are motivated to build this new program, process, policy or whatever the solution may be.


    We believe real change happens when motivated people like you are empowered with the knowledge, skills and support to turn good ideas into solutions much like how an entrepreneur turns an idea into a business. One key difference: instead of dollars you create impact. And so our mission at ImpactLab is simple: to help you be successful and make an expanded impact in your school community while becoming a Teacher Innovation Leader in the process.


    Video: 2016-17 ImpactLab Teacher Fellow Luci Cambria talks about her project and her experience in the program.

  • The ImpactLab Teacher Fellowship

    Empowering, individualized, action-oriented Professional Development.


    The ImpactLab Teacher Fellowship helps passionate teachers turn an idea into a “solution” in a supportive, small-group format with the guidance of an experienced coach. Over the span of ten months (September through June) our Fellows:


    Learn the “how-to” of turning an idea into a solution through problem-solving, design and leadership skills. Our methods come primarily from the worlds of entrepreneurship, design and software development.


    Build and launch your “solution” at your school with the support of your coach and peers. Then produce a "How-to Kit" (see example) so your ideas can be shared with educators everywhere.


    Connect with innovative teachers from across the US. Develop lasting relationships and expand your professional network. Become part of an active and expanding education innovation community.

  • "The ImpactLab Fellowship allows for a paradigm shift. Teachers can now lead the change."

    Lucas Elliott
    ImpactLab Teacher Fellow 2016-17

  • "I have some questions."

    We have some answers! This idea of supporting educator-led innovation within schools is pretty new so we expect there will be lots of questions. We have included several answers below and welcome additional questions at: fellowship@impactlab.us

    What's the timeline?

    • Starting October 2017: Prospective applicants for the 2018-19 Fellowship can sign up for an information session to learn more about the program
    • The 2018-2019 application opens up late November 2017

    Can I sign up for an information session to learn more?

    YES! Sign up here.

    How is the program structured?

    The Teacher Fellowship is fast-paced with new content every two weeks, September through June. Fellows start building their solutions right away and learn methods and techniques as they become relevant in the context of this work.

    The curriculum is efficiently packaged and everything ImpactLab asks you to do is timely and targeted. Each two-week "sprint" consists of new learning(s), coaching, reflection and peer interaction.


    Learning groups are small and bi-weekly coaching sessions (held online) are led by an experienced ImpactLab coach. Start times are somewhere from 5pm to 8pm in your time zone.


    Formal and informal support is ongoing in our digital community where you will interact not only with peers, but also coaches, guest mentors and program alumni.

    What does the program cost?

    The fee for 2018-19 is $900 per teacher.

    “My professional network has grown greatly due to the experience of the fellowship.”

    - 2016-17 Fellow

    Is this program a good fit for me and visa versa?

    The ImpactLab Teacher Fellowship is designed for full-time K-12 teachers with the following traits:

    • You are passionate about solving a problem in your school community
    • You want to learn skills that will help you design and build an effective solution
    • You want to expand your professional network
    • You have 3+ years of classroom experience and LOVE teaching
    • You want to become a leader but not necessarily leave the classroom
    • You have a track record of instructional effectiveness
    • You are located anywhere in the US

    What kind of projects do you support? What are some examples?

    We support teachers who are driven to solve a problem in their school community through a project (or “solution”) that is both sustainable and replicable. Projects may take many forms depending on the problem a Fellow is working to solve. Some examples:

    1. Problem: Teachers lack data on the efficacy of specific behavior interventions on specific students
      Solution: A phone app-like tool empowering teachers to quickly capture behavior data in real time
    2. Problem: Teacher burnout
      Solution: A co-teaching model that matches teachers with complementary strengths and redistributes duties accordingly
    3. Problem: Rising high schoolers with poor sense of career options
      Solution: Process that uncovers each student’s strengths and interests leading into a virtual mentoring program with volunteers from across industries

    The strongest applicants will have ideas for solutions that are:

    • Replicable
    • Sustainable
    • Measurable
    • Achievable
    • Free or very low-cost to produce and implement
    • Require little or no specialized knowledge
    • Drive equity
    • Directly or indirectly lead to student growth

    What does a finished project look like?

    That depends on what type of project the Fellow created - a technology tool, an after-school program, a school policy or process. However, all Fellow projects culminate in a "How-to Kit" - detailed instructions, shared with the world, enabling anyone, anywhere to replicate the Fellow's project. Here's an example of a How-to Kit from 2016-17.

    “This fellowship helped me to feel energetic and enthusiastic in my 5th year teaching.”

    - 2016-17 Fellow

    What’s the time commitment?

    For the program itself (coaching sessions, content learning, preparation, reflective writing, and optional elements like mentor sessions) the time commitment is no more than 2 hours per week. That doesn’t include time spent on building your project, which will vary greatly from project to project.

    “The new language of entrepreneurship helped me view my work as not just impactful in the classroom, but in the larger context of my own professional development.”

    - 2016-17 Fellow

    Where and when do the coaching sessions happen?

    Online and in the early evenings.

    School Buy-In: Do I need the OK from school administrators in order to participate?

    The Teacher Fellowship is all about building solutions in your current school community. We prefer applicants to have the support of one or more school leaders.

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